Alternative downloads and installations

Alternative downloads


The package is available under git platform (

git clone

The command above saves the package in pyhdust subfolder.

To update the package with git:

git pull


If neither pip or git are not installed in your system, you can catch the current version as a zipball:

# wget >
curl -L >

Alternative installations

In the downloaded pyhdust folder, type:

python install

If your are not the root of the system, add the flag --user to the command above.


To use the pyhdust scripts, the binaries path of your pip installation directory must be in system PATH. If you don’t find them, adapt the following command to your $HOME/.bashrc:


Alternatively, to import the modules declare in your ~/.bashrc file:

export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:~/pyhdust/

where ~/pyhdust/ is the package installation directory.


To uninstall pyhdust from the alternative installations, using git you need to remove its folder manually. Using the zipball installation, you can use the following commands:

python install --record files.txt
cat files.txt | xargs rm -rf


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